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 Learn to edit for court reporters



   ...AND WORK

*See what folks are saying below!


This course offers all the essential elements of being a scopist:

  • “Quick and Easy Punctuation”: based on Morson’s English Guide for Court Reporters, (provided) the basis for the new punctuation course being offered to court reporting schools by Stenograph University;
  • Notereading:  Reading of stenotype (machine shorthand) notes;
  • Medical Terminology:  based on the book A Court Reporter’s Guide to Medical Terminology (provided);
  • Transcript Production:  How to produce a high-quality, well-edited transcript, meeting the requirements of a variety of reporters;
  • "The Successful Professional Scopist": Tons of tips, garnered over a 35+ year scoping career, on everything from marketing to reference materials to ethics to being involved in the scoping profession;
  • Case CATalyst Training:  In-depth training on Case CATalyst software, made by Stenograph Corporation, the largest provider of court-reporting software, servicing
    60-65% of practicing court reporters.
  • Reporter Files:  Approximately 50 files written by about a dozen different court reporters upon which the student can practice editing, then compare his/her work to the edited file.  (Also provided in RTF format for those who choose CAT systems other than CATalyst.)

Please explore our site to learn more about scoping, and to find out if you possess the aptitude and skills that could make scoping the career for you! 
A LA CARTE SECTIONS:  ISS teaches some subject matter that other courses don't.  We offer all of our sections a la carte for those who might be interested in a particular topic.  If you would like to take additional training, please contact us.  We can tailor lessons to your specific needs and help you meet your goals.  Please e-mail me at                                                                     



Just wanted to touch base and let you know that these scopists you are providing to reporters are FABULOUS!  They have all been very professional in their responses and have done excellent work.  Some of my fellow reporter friends are using graduates of your school and we all are having success with them.  I just want to say thank you for your help.  I am looking forward to my work life being less stressful!!!  You and your school have been a true blessing!!! Once again, THANK YOU!

Hi, Linda -

I did some checking before I signed with ISS, and I also found ISS to be the best (way better than [those other guys].)  Do you want to know one of the most compelling reasons why?  Because you responded each time so quickly and thoroughly as opposed to [those other guys].  They got back to me much later in the day or the next day, but you responded within an hour or so each time and very thoroughly.  That went a long way with me!  You are very accessible, which is so helpful when I want answers right away!  I'm sure most people feel the same way I do!  So feel free to have anyone contact me for a reference.  I will give them a glowing report about ISS!
Now and then I like to check around and see what instructors and graduates are saying about the scopist training courses. 
1.  Do your due diligence.  Research contents of each course so you know what you're getting and what you aren't.  Run a Google or background search on instructors.  Entrust your livelihood to someone who is trustworthy and experienced.
2.  ISS is the most comprehensive online course.  We have two to three times the training material that any other course has.  Be a wise buyer and check the facts for yourself. 
3.   One course requires the student to purchase and independently study Lillian’s English Guide for Court Reporters prior to registration.  ISS has lessons that were personally written by me for every section we offer and we offer student support throughout the course.  If you’re going to pay for training, make sure you get it .   
4.  Since our inception, we have placed reporters with our graduates a large percentage of the time.  And we don’t charge for it; we provide this service for free as an investment in our graduates’ success.  Ask the grads listed online.  They’ll give you the scoop.
5.  Our graduates are busy!  One reason I know is when I need help because I’m getting overloaded, they are all too occupied with their own clients.  I like that! 
6.  A prospective student just told me that one of the online schools says an experienced scopist can edit 2000 pgs/wk!  This is absolutely untrue.  A busy scopist working with great writers can probably edit 200-250 pgs/day with spot-check audio.  If you want to know if claims by other schools are true, please feel free to ask me.  I'll always be honest with you; you have my word.




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