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Learn to edit for court reporters!




 *See what folks are saying below!









                                    This course offers all the essential elements of being a scopist:

  • “Quick and Easy Punctuation”: based on Morson’s English Guide for Court Reporters, (provided) the basis for the new punctuation course being offered to court reporting schools by Stenograph University;
  • Notereading:  Reading of stenotype (machine shorthand) notes;
  • Medical Terminology:  based on the book A Court Reporter’s Guide to Medical Terminology (provided);
  • Transcript Production:  How to produce a high-quality, well-edited transcript, meeting the requirements of a variety of reporters;
  • "The Successful Professional Scopist": Tons of tips, garnered over a 35+ year scoping career, on everything from marketing to reference materials to ethics to being involved in the scoping profession;
  • Case CATalyst Training:  In-depth training on Case CATalyst software, made by Stenograph Corporation, provider of 60-65% of court-reporting software.
  • Reporter Files:  Approximately 50 files written by about a dozen different court reporters upon which the student can practice editing, then compare his/her work to the edited file.  (Also provided in RTF format for those who choose CAT systems other than CATalyst.)
  • (All sections are available separately as well.)

Please explore our site to learn more about scoping, and to find out if you possess the aptitude and skills that could make scoping the career for you! 

* ISS was a great experience for me, and I'm proud to be a graduate. Thanks!

* You’re absolutely right about integrity. It is not only taught at ISS but it is also modeled. I'm happy to say I'm right where I want to be with my career and making more money than I thought I could working part-time. I have wonderful clients who value our teamwork. I don't regret my choice in schools for one minute.
* Once again, thanks Linda for all your hard teaching skills, I learned from the best.
* So glad I went through ISS -- still going strong since 2009!  
* Linda, you are a great teacher.  Thank you for having me and believing in me. 
* I know I am so grateful for all of Linda's knowledge and expertise.  I say I learned from the best.  I aspire to be like her. 

* You're so funny, Linda...from where I stand, you are very wise and certainly know your stuff in the court reporting field!  I'm so glad that I'm learning from you!
* My reporter asked me why my jobs are so good compared to other scopists!

                                       BUYER BEWARE!  
1.  Do you know that when the other online instructors started their scoping courses, they only had 2-3 years of scoping experience?  Linda had 20.  Do your due diligence.  Research contents of each course so you know what you're getting and what you aren't. 
Entrust your livelihood to someone who is trustworthy and experienced.
2.  ISS is the most comprehensive online course.  We have two to three times the training material that any other course has.  Be a wise buyer and check the facts for yourself.  As a recent grad said of a new client, "She says she likes me and wants to work with me...that I am way better than others who have had years of experience."  Thorough training shows!
3.  From a 5/3 e-mail:  "I've heard great things about your course.  I actually just took ___ , and I honestly don't feel prepared to conquer scoping yet, which is why I started looking at your courses.  I don't feel very prepared to scope actual transcripts."  ISS will give you the knowledge and skills to be a confident, successful scopist! 

4.  Our graduates are busy!  I recently posted in our Facebook group and asked them why I never see them advertising for work.  Those who responded said they are as busy as they want to be.   Many are working with the same clients they got right out of school and have gotten most of their clients from word-of-mouth recommendations.  I guess they must know their stuff.  What do you think?



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